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Friday, 30 September 2011


This group discusses ways to use new tools in the classroom to expedite student learning. Discussion around methods that are meeting student learning needs such as flipping the k-12 classroom to in-class practice and out-of-class introduction to new information.


Sunday, 26 February 2012 by Jennifer Schwelik

This year NE Ohio administrators and educators have been gathering once a month to focus on use of technology in addressing the new Ohio standards and Common Core. The meetings are all recorded on the web at   Great ideas on how educators are using technology  to effectively and efficiently improve understanding and content knowledge.

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Paula Deal
Great post on the 33 Digital Skills Every 21st Century Teacher should Have. And I might add teach to our students and use for learning in the classoom.
Monday, 09 July 2012 18:44
Paula Deal
Check out these great sessions that were at EdCamp CLE on 6/15. Best take away was that professional development can be provide by teachers themselves. Model PD on EdCamp. Let teachers decide what they want to learn and have other staff share and collaborate.
Sunday, 17 June 2012 19:37
Dave Savastone
Looks like some great topics and great discussion. I will try and log in and check frequently.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012 04:46
Alice Tope
This group is a great idea.
I will try to check in now and then.
Thursday, 08 March 2012 16:51
Jennifer Schwelik
Great new tool from INFOhio to help with student research - for middle and high school students -

Students and teachers can use this tool at any point in the research process. I particularly like the way the INFOhio resources are easily accessible by subject area.
Christina WagnerChristina Wagner on Monday, 27 February 2012 10:59

Thanks for inviting me to this group! I have just started exploring go.infohio. Great stuff! There are lots of useful resources here for teachers, too: KWL and KNR charts and such.

Mary TorresMary Torres on Wednesday, 04 April 2012 10:41

me too 2 day is my frist day

Sunday, 26 February 2012 06:42
Paula Deal
Tools for self-publishing ebooks. Great web 2.0 tools for teachers and students, especially project-based learning.
Monday, 20 February 2012 11:04