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Welcome to the INFOhio 21st Century Learning Commons!

"The major question each teacher faces is how can technology help each of the learners in my care move toward excellence? The Learning Commons is the laboratory where the faculty and staff learn and develop their skills in embedding technology to boost learning and achievement."
– David V. Loertscher, The New Learning Commons: Where Learning Wins

About the INFOhio 21st Century Learning Commons

INFOhio's 21st Century Learning Commons is an online resource for all educators to explore. It is designed to:

  • Enhance 21st century learning
  • Provide a technologically-advanced method to utilize INFOhio electronic resources
  • Foster a sense of global community through a variety of technology and learning methods

The Learning Commons provides an array of resources to help educators understand how learning has changed, adapt teaching methods and discover new ways to inspire students to think critically, solve problems, collaborate, innovate and create.

The Learning Commons also supports Ohio joining the Partnership for 21st Century Skills. The Partnership is the leading national advocacy organization focused on integrating 21st century learning into core subjects.

We invite you to explore INFOhio's Learning Commons, join us in our mission to enhance 21st century learning. Check back frequently as this learning commons grows into a unique center of inquiry learning and an environment where everyone can access, manage, and produce information for the 21st century.

More About INFOhio
INFOhio is a learning tool for all Ohio K-12 students and educators provided by state and federal funds. It offers a large online collection of educational resources, which includes images, videos, popular magazines, newspapers, scholarly journals, encyclopedias, audio and e-books, as well as content in multiple languages. These resources help students develop 21st century thinking skills, virtual collaboration skills, and new ways to express themselves.